Warranty Terms

Allegro Gate Automation Pty. Ltd.
Limited Warranty Terms

  1. All goods purchased from Allegro, are covered by warranty for defects instigated by workmanship and / or materials, under normal uses and as per the terms below.
  2. The warranty is automatically provided.
  3. Appropriate purchases, or installation document, must be provided with a claim.
  4. The Warranty periods are 12 month, and 36month only for items listed below:

The periods count from the date that the goods were first purchased.

  1. 12 months Limited Warranty provided for all goods purchased from Allegro.
  2. 36 month for the following KingGates brand equipment:
  • Electric motors
  • Gear motor units
  • Electronic control units
  • Boom gates
  1. The warranty is a return for repair basis, meaning that the customer should carry the cost of shipments of suspected faulty items to Allegro.
  2. Allegro shall not be liable in any way for any consequences or losses occurred following a failure of any product supplied.
  3. Allegro shall not be liable for costs involved in inspecting and / replacing faulty items and / or fault finding at installation sites. Such costs may be travel and labour costs for inspecting goods on installation site.
  4. If a defect arises and a valid claim under this Limited Warranty is received by Allegro after the first one hundred and eighty (180) days of the warranty period, Allegro is entitled to charge you for any reasonable shipping and handling costs made in connection with the repair or replacement of the goods. Claims must comply with any other return procedures stipulated by Allegro, if any.
  5. The Limited Warranty does not apply when:
  • The goods have been opened, changed, dismantle, or repaired by someone not authorized by Allegro Gate Automation Pty. Ltd.
  • Physical damage to the surface of the goods or calibration of it.
  • Part or parts of the goods are missing
  • Non-compliance with the installation instructions supplied with the goods.
  • Non-compliance with the user instructions supplied with the goods.
  • Neglect, abuse or misapplication of the product
  • Any disfigurement, removal, tampering of any labels attached to the product, will invalidate the warranty.
  • Damage by: accident, misuse, moisture, liquids, proximity or exposure to heat
  • Faults occur by power supply as excessive burst of voltage or “dirty power”
  1. This Limited Warranty does not affect any legal rights under applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods.
  2. This Limited Warranty cannot be transferred to any other person.
  3. Who to claim for warranty for a suspected faulty item:
    • If you suspecting an item to be defective, first please contact us
    • please provide documentation for the purchase / installation date
    • In case of a suspected fault, we will issue you with a Warranty Return Number. This number is essential to process your claim. Warranty liability is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the item we will instruct you for the procedures
    • Freight is not covered by this warranty and is to be prepaid by the claimer


Allegro Gate Automation are the Australian Distributors of KingGates a trusted name in Italian gate automation products. We are proud to be associated with a company that is committed to quality, innovation and reliability.

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