Swing Gate Solutions

King ‘Jet’



For automating a swing / hinged gate with single or double leaves.

  • Our KingGates swing actuators line includes the ‘JET’ motors and the ‘COUPER’.
  • The ‘JET’ for wings up to 3m/600kg wings; the ‘COUPER’ up to 2m/250kg wings.
  • Both ‘JET’ and ‘COUPER’ are for single and/or double wing gates.

The actuators are really powerful with hi Wattage. The actuators/ motors are manufactured from a sturdy aluminium casing and are supplied in Black (JET only) or grey colours . The 24 Volt motors are extremely reliable, and offer an excellent degree of safety with obstacle detection and are suitable for heavy duty applications. Battery backup is also an optional extra on low voltage gate kits.

The motors are electro-mechanical with worm drive screw operation. The motor is ‘irreversible’ which means that the gate’s motor locks the gate in the open and closed position. Easy to use manual override releases in the event of a power failure. These professional gate motors are supplied with open and closed mechanical stops to enable the gates to open and close without the need for ground stops (stoppers recommended for wings up max 2.2M long)

‘JET’ gate motors provide good reliable gate automation for many timber and metal gates; motors are also available for large gates and windy areas.

The motors,including mounting brackets, are ready to install for the professional installer without need to be fabricated or welded.

The STAR digital control box provided with built-in receiver and will accept up to 200 individual remote control transmitters. The control panel has many features and options where the motor run time, soft start / soft stop functions, electric locks, additional safety devices.

The STAR is provided ready to go, with power cord, in a sealed ABS box.

The STAR control unit is especially designed for Australian power standards 240V–265V, which transforms down to 24V for the motor and accessories. The STAR is very simple to wire-up and program.


King ‘Modus’






Have you got gates that are fitted onto large posts or brick piers?

Will regular gate ram motors not fit to your gates?

The ‘Modus’ articulated gate motors fit to the back of the piers or posts and can electrically open and close the gates with no hassle.
Our King Gate ‘Modus’ Articulated motors will automate a pair of swing gates up to 4 metres each leaf. The MINIMODUS version is up to 2x  2m wings.

Articulated gate motors are ideal for installing to existing gates particularly if the gates have been installed in between brick piers or walls. The articulated MODUS fits neatly within 165mm side room on the brick piers or posts.

The articulated MODUS can be supplied with Master unit – the controller incorporated in the motor, and with optional “Salve” motor units (for double / twin leave wings) this configuration eliminates the need for a separate control box that often has to be mounted near the gate position.

Separate control box STAR is optional for the Modus.

The powerful motors are manufactured of from a sturdy aluminium casing and are supplied in stylish Grey. The 24 Volt motors are extremely reliable, and offer an excellent degree of safety with obstacle detection and are suitable for heavy duty applications. Battery backup is also an optional for the Modus.

Motors are electro-mechanical with drive gear. The motor is ‘irreversible’ which means that the gate motor locks firm in the open and closed position after the gate movement has finished. Easy to use manual override release in the event of a power failure. The motors have on board mechanical open and closed stops which are adjustable and provide for accurate opening and closing positions for the gates.

Modus gate motors provide good reliable gate automation for many timber and metal gates.

Two options available with the Modus – up to 2.8M and up to 4M wings.



King ‘Intro’






Are you looking for a quality set of underground electric gate motors?

The new KINGgates underground motors will swing wings up to 4 Metre long and 300Kg or / 3 Metre/500Kg.

It is suitable for driveways up to 8 metres wide with the double wings system. The ‘INTRO’ is suitable for single or double entry security gates.

Walking thru fancy neighbourhoods you will see gates open by themselves. This “trick” is done by Underground Gate Motors. These motors are ideal for specially designed gates or when a driveway is too narrow for posts for the gate to be hung on.

The motor is installed below the gates in the ground and can support the gate as a pivot hinge. The motors fit neatly flush with the ground level so the motors are almost invisible.

The ‘INTRO’ is provided in Australia with stainless steel box and lid, this is to ensure a long life span in any environment, preventing any additional corrosion.

The powerful 120 Watt Motors are manufactured to a high specification and provide worry free gate automation. The motors powered by 24 Volt STAR – KINGgates controller, for better safety and easy installations, (No 240V wiring). Additional safety is achieved by the adjustable obstacle detection.

The ‘INTRO’ motors are suitable for heavy duty installations and an intensive duty cycle of work. Battery backup is optional. Motors are electro-mechanical, non-reversible, which means that the motor holding the gate at open and closed positions. This oppose to hydraulic pump motors that cannot provide those feature and needs much more service and oils top-ups etc.

Easy to use manual override release provide for use at in the event of a power failure, and/ or emergency.

Adjustable mechanical stoppers at open and close positions, allowing accurate positioning of the gate wing(s).

The INTRO gate motors installed on thousands of gate around the world and in Australia, being timber, metal, or glass made gates.

The gate support bracket supplied with this motor kit can be weld-on, or bolt to the gate, or optional slide unit, designed for the professional installations.

KINGgate and allegro offering wide range of optional additional accessories as infrared safety units, automatic locking, access controls items, as keyless entry, opening by Smartphone Apps and more.


The motors, control panel and transmitters are manufactured in Italy and each component is tested thoroughly. 

These gate kits are quick and easy to install, whilst being solid, reliable and at an ultra competitive price.


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Allegro Gate Automation are the Australian Distributors of KingGates a trusted name in Italian gate automation products. We are proud to be associated with a company that is committed to quality, innovation and reliability.

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