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King ‘Dynamo’




Superb quality Italian produced sliding gate motor


The dynamo range consists of motors suitable for gates up to 1000kg  (new development for gates up to 2500kg is coming soon)

The Dynamos 350, 600 and 1200kg units are powered by a low voltage 24 Volt powerful motor providing excellent response and safety when detecting obstacles. The Dynamos are manufactured for 265VAC specially designed for Australian power standards which is then transformed down to 24V for the motor and accessories.  

These motors are very easy and simple to wire up and program

Dynamos 500 and 1000KG are equipped with 240V motors.

King Sliding Motors feature an advanced electro-mechanical design. The motor is ‘irreversible’ which means that the gate motor locks firm in the open and closed position after the gate movement has finished.

The units feature an easy to use manual override release in the event of a power failure.

The main digital control unit  – STAR – is exceptionally easy to programme and will accept up to 200 individual remote control transmitters. The control unit has many features and options for the motor run time, soft start / soft stop functions, electric locks, and additional safety devices.

A single pair of Safety Photocells will provide an infrared safety beam across the gate opening. We can offer additional Photocells or Safety Edge strips to allow the installer to create a safety zone through the entire gate moving area.

Battery backup is also an optional extra on low voltage Dynamos



The motors, control panel and transmitters are manufactured in Italy and each component is tested thoroughly. 

This gate kit is quick and easy to install, whilst being solid, reliable and at an ultra competitive price.


For Full Product Information download the PDF below or click on the catalogue.


Allegro Gate Automation are the Australian Distributors of KingGates a trusted name in Italian gate automation products. We are proud to be associated with a company that is committed to quality, innovation and reliability.

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