CISA electric lock



Need REAL security for your swing gates?

CISA Elettrika Gate Locks are revolutionary locking systems designed with innovative and exclusive safety features to provide absolute peace of mind to the users. These gate locks are manufactured with high resistance to house breaking. They are equipped with a protective steel shell to enclose both locker and striker assembly, which in turn, ensures greater resistance to vibrations and impacts. CISA Elettrika Gate Locks feature rotary hook deadbolt with high pull resistance of up to 2000 Kg. These gate locks are ideal for use in almost all types of doors and gates with varying styles and sizes. They are reversible locks as they can be used either as left handed or right handed. 

CISA Elettrika Gate Locks utilise a protective steel enclosure to fit the integrated exterior cylinder. These gate locks are suitable for doors and gates with variable entrance ranging from 50mm to 80mm. A self adjusting “swinging rod” device is incorporated in these durable locks to ease closure both horizontally and vertically. The input voltage of CISA Elettrika Gate Lock is 12V AC, and they are available in black finish. The clients can access fully-concealed screws and wiring only when the gate or door is open. These gate locks can be operated with the aid of a key from outside and with the help of push button or a key electric remote control from inside.



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